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Learn to think and Design As A Pro

Join The Palmar School of Comprehensive Design. After your training, using the latest technologies, you will be able to create a well-rounded portfolio that includes branding, experience design, motion design, packaging, and print. 




The Palmar Graphic Design program is a practical design workshop that incorporates the teaching of design thinking principles with hands-on sessions that showcase how the principles are applied in the context of layout, typefaces and colour.

This program is a fundamental design course structured for individuals from various backgrounds, and no prior design experience is required. You will be taken through a step-by-step process of creating designs applicable for web, marketing campaigns, print designs, and more. Participants should come prepared to experiment and implement designs using their newly learned skills.

What We Teach

Communication Design
Editorial Design
Package Design

Our Curriculum

Course Goals

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the elements of graphic design.
  • Read, understand and communicate in the language of graphic design.
  • Use technology such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Students will learn to demonstrate positive work behavior.
  • Students will learn to solve problems using critical thinking.
  • Students will be able to read and interpret design briefs and work with them on projects

Section 1 - Graphic Design theory

  • Visual elements of Graphic Design
    • Line Visual element
    • Colour Visual element
    • Shape Visual element
    • Texture Visual element
    • Space Visual element
    • Form Visual element
    • Typography Visual element. 

Section 2 - Design principles

    • Contrast Design principle
    • Hierarchy Design principle
    • Alignment Design principle
    • Balance Design principle
    • Proximity Design principle
    • Repetition Design principle
    • Simplicity Design principle
    • Practical Application of Elements and Principles

Section 3 - Essential training: Beginners guide to Adobe Design Tools

    • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign
    • Getting Started using Design tools
    • Working with Images
    • Output settings and file formats
    • Resizing and Cropping Images
    • Layers and Adjustment Layers
    • Design Practicals and supervised hands-on learning experience
    • Design Posters, Fliers and Handbills

Exclusive Features


Your grade will be determined through the following:

In class assignments



Certificate of completion


Skill Requirement

This is a beginners – intermediate course so no prior design knowledge is required.

You can also join in if you intend to improve on your Graphic Design Skills


Hardware Requirement

Fully functional laptop

Software Requirement

All students should have Adobe Photoshop installed


Weekdays and Weekends

Tuition : ₦ 50,000 | N30,000

Location: Lagos

All other information will communicated to you as soon as you register.

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